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Seaweed Hair Muds

Guam Upker Hair Seaweed Mud Treatment

Guam UpKer Seaweed Mud is an ultra nourishing intensive treatment promoting the production of ‘KERATIN’ that restores the scalp and hair shaft, restores the structure of the hair stem, restores strength and shine and fights greying.


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Intense repairing, Volumising, Hydrating, Protective.

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Stronger Hair

Guam UpKer Planctidil Vials Hair Loss Preventative Seaweed Treatment

GUAM UPKer Planctidil Vials is a seaweed extract to strengthen hair by stimulating capillary circulation in the scalp.This creates obstacles to the action of some factors contributing to hair loss, offering a real preventative hair loss treatment.


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Strengthing, Growth Stimulating, Prevents Loss



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Keratin Treatments

Guam Upker Luminosita Cream – No Rinse

Guam Upker Gloss Cream is a ‘no rise’ seaweed extract that promotes keratin production, adds shine with an illuminating complex, vitamin C, E, F and solar filters to protect the hair and enhances the colour.


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Mineral rich, Conditioning, Gloss finish

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