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Guam UpKer Planctidil Vials Hair Loss Preventative Seaweed Treatment


GUAM UPKer Planctidil Vials is a seaweed extract to strengthen hair by stimulating capillary circulation in the scalp. This means that the seaweed extract penetrates into the piliferous bulb. The seaweed extract will reactivate the capillaries in the piliferous bulb, thereby norishing the hair at the root. In this way the overall hair shaft structure is strengthened. This ‘hair shaft strengthening’ creates obstacles to the action of some factors contributing to hair loss, offering a real preventative hair loss treatment. On the other hand, the ‘hair shaft strengthening’ will promote the growth of stronger and thicker hair strands out of the piliferous bulb. Therefore, the seaweed extract contained in the vials is recommended for use over a prolonged period of time to allow the ingredients to fully ‘stimulate’ the hair structure and produce strong thick hair strands.

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Strengthing, Growth Stimulating, Prevents Loss



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