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Guam Upker Hair Seaweed Mud Treatment


Guam UpKer Seaweed Mud is primarily an intensive keratin production treatment for stressed, fine, weak and damaged hair that also acts as a cleansing shampoo. A concentrate of  Undaria pinnatifida*seaweed rich in amino acids and minerals that protect and repair the keratin layer of hair.  The hair’s main component ‘keratina’ makes up 70 to 80% of the hair strand.  The strength and structure of the hair is undermined because of contact with external agents, stress and the use of hair dyes and hair dryers. Also, a lack of minerals makes the hair bulb unfit to produce sufficient amounts of keratin. This leads to hair becoming thin and weak appearing as split ends, and the hair loses its shine and bounce. This intensive seaweed mud is ultra nourishing, restores the scalp and hair shaft, restores the structure of the hair stem, restores strength and shine, fights greying. Restores elasticity and bounce.

*contains as much as 15%

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Intense repairing, Volumising, Hydrating, Protective.

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