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Ethically Hand Harvested

Traditional Methods.

Vegan. Organic. Eco-Friendly.

Sustainably hand harvested off the shores of Italy.

GUAM® Anti-Cellulite and Immunity Boosting Seaweed Formula
GUAM®’s laboratory are back on the ‘Cutting Edge’ of innovation. After more than 40 years of our anti-cellulite patented formula standing at the forefront of cellulite remedies, we are NOW REDEFINING treatments to not only target the root cause of cellulite but to also boost your immune system.

Our scientists have createda new formula bringing together GUAM®’s patented natural seaweed with the Vegan certified Ascophyllum seaweed and 12 % Organic Aloe Vera gel to work in synergy. Clinical trials prove visible results of a 2cm reduction in thigh circumference after the first application, as well as enhancing new cell growth performance. Furthermore, in vitro studies show that the molecules’ antioxidant level of the Green Tea Extract in this formula is stronger than that found in vitamins. Thus this formula effectively fights free radicals to slow down skin aging.                                Enjoy!

Arlette – Managing Director for Guam in the UK





  There are three rules that protect traditional ways for harvesting seaweed:

Rule 1: Select fresh young seaweed plants but do not overharvest.

Rule 2: The freshly picked seaweed must be aired and dryed immediately, along the open beach.

Rule 3: Cold mixing is used as part of the bio-liquefaction process to preserve the desired properties of the freshly harvested seaweed.

Our methods have been endorsed and  tested in partnership with:

  • Director of Knowledge and Information of the Royal London College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  •  Universita degli studi di pavia, dipartimento di scienze fisiologiche e farmacologiche cellular e molecolari.


The Guam Ethos

“Have confidence in your body”, that is our belief.

We believe that being confident in our skin and our appearance is vital to our wellbeing. For all of us striving for success, being confident is part of our lifestyle. At Guam, we believe confidence is beautiful and we want to bring that out.

At Guam we have developed all natural patented formulas to revitalise and cleanse the body of impurities that degrade and mark our skin.  This is possible using our unique seaweed processing method.

The treatments work in harmony with our lifestyles.  They are designed to balance the ardours of daily life to give us the support we need to keep pressing forward with confidence.

Take our treatments home with you or find a salon near you to experience how the treatments will infuse your body with vitality. We are sure you will walk away seeing outward changes. We’ve used real, clinically proven science to bring you results.

Our promise to you and nature:

We aim to produce only the highest quality products while respecting our planet and it’s natural resources. We will never overfarm and take care to inflict no harm on the bio-sphere which we interact with when producing our products.

We operate with high standards and use transparent and regulated harvest and refinement processes. You will never hear of Guam overharvesting the natural products used or hurting nature. Guam is against animal testing and will never use animal derived ingredients. Everythign we need occurs naturally within nature so we believe in protecting what we use.

We promise are products will always be:

Paraben Free – Peg Free – Silicone Free – Glycol Free – Parafin Free – Mineral Oil Free – SLS Free – SLES Free