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Bio-Organic Sulphur Face Mask


GUAM Eco-Organic sulphur mask is a deeply purifying mask for the face and neck.
A face mask with Green Glay, Kaolin and vegetal extracts for the treatment of oily skin prone to acne. The astringent and Micro BioCellulaire-exfoliating action of the clays works in conjunction with the sebum control action of Sulphur and Azelaic acid. The eco-organic properties of this mask deeply purifies the skin, whilst the rebalancing properties of the vegetal extracts of GUAM Seaweed, *Mallow and *Hyssop, leave the skin soft and velvety. (* ECOCERT Certified Organic Extracts).
Ideal for oily skin prone to acne or skin Blemishes.Removes dead cells and frees the skin of impurities.

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