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Inthenso Firming and Nourishing Body Butter


Every year, there are moments when body skin needs special hydration and some extra cuddles. For example, in the long winter months, when skin is endangered by low temperatures, or during the summer months after exposure to sunrays and wind, not to mention those situations in which our skin undergoes the aggression of atmospheric pollution. FONDANT BODY BUTTER, rich in functional substances to nourish, repair, firm and moisturize.
GUAM Inthenso Fondant Body Butter is an original, innovative product specially formulated with a rich and luxurious texture. It melts at body temperature, turning your massage into a pleasurable treatment. GUAM seaweed extracts and the special blend of precious natural waxes contained in GUAM Inthenso Fondant Body Butter restore moisture, smoothness and suppleness of your skin, helping prevent loss of tone. Its firming and repairing action improves skin firmness and elasticity. GUAM Inthenso Fondant Body Butter leaves your skin feeling soft and silky smooth, giving your body a well-being sensation. GUAM Inthenso Fondant Body Butter, with its high concentration of Shea and Cupuaçu butters, is highly recommended also for particularly dry and sensitive skin.

GUAM Seaweed, Shea and Cupuaçu butters, Cane sugar, Plant based firming complex.

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Nourishing, Toning