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Guam Fangocrema DREN Mud-Based Cream 200ml


The exclusive formula of GUAM® FANGOCREMA DREN Mud Based Treatment Cream, with the combined action of GUAM® Algae and sea salt, is used to treat those areas of the body, such as the legs and buttocks, that are often susceptible to water retention, swelling and heaviness. GUAM® ALGAE is rich in iodine, iron, calcium and alginic acid. Restores, rebalances and moisturises the skin. It is effective against orange peel dimpling caused by water retention. Working in synergy with SEA SALT, thanks to its high concentration in salts as potassium chloride and magnesium chloride, its creates hyper-tonic solutions that help in the process of toxins elimination through the skin. In combination with a mixture of natural plant extract Fangocrema DREN offers exceptional draining properties. Manifests its strongly draining action during the night, improving the appearance of the legs suffering from swelling and heaviness. The DREN range is a clincally tested and proven formula.

We recommend massaging this product gently onto the skin before retiring at night since this is the best time for stimulating the drainage of excess fluids, resulting in improved skin tone and firmness. Encouraging a strong draining action during the night, improving the appearance of legs come the morning, so that you can be more confident in the day ahead of you. Proactively reduces swelling, releases water retention and promotes a relaxing sense of wellbeing.



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Patented formula, Toning, Slimming, Energising

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