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Guam Salinated Algae Bath Salt



Super detoxifying bath salts of natural, organic, vegan and eco-friendly seaweed with no preservatives.  Guam Salinated Algae is a rich concentration of powdered seaweed extract contained in a grain of salt.The seaweed extract is produced from young and vigorous plants. The Salinated Algae, enriched with essential oils that work in synergy with the active principles of the seaweed and the salts , once dissolved in a bath of hot water or hydromassage, release completely natural essence thus creating a precious touch of concentrated sea. A bath made in this way helps against cellulite, adiposity (excess fat) and anti-aging of the skin. Microcirculation is increased, detoxification is hightened, heavy and swollen legs are allieviated, tummy bloating is reduced. The invigorated skin becomes tight, fresh, velvet-like and regains its softness and elasticity.

Guam Salinated Algae salts offer a 'SUPER' detoxifying bath to aid in restoring the body's natural function giving you an immunity boost as well as remineralising your skin

Vegans are safe with Guam's totally natural bath salts for a super detox.

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Natural Organic Vegan Eco-Friendly Guam Salinated Seaweed from young and vigorous plants contained in a grain of salt.