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Guam Duo Cooling Liquid Seaweed Extract


GUAM Duo Cooling Liquid Seaweed Extract is a cool treatment for heavey legs and poor circulation. Guam DUO liquid is a combination of Guam Seaweed and the “Earth” Marine Spring Water From Noirmoutier. Its composition is different to that of other marine water as it is very rich in trace elements. Various trials have proven increased cell vitality and an ultra-intense hydration of the epidermis. In just 30 mins the liquid extract will increase the circulation and reduces any heaviness leaving the legs feel light and refreshed. The liquid has a potent ability to stimulate drainage even if the skin on the legs, ankle or feet has become reddish/blue. A reddish/blue colour on the skin indicates heavy congestion of water retention. In this case it is advisable to increase the treatment by 5 minutes every time up until 60 minutes.

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