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Micro BioCellulaire Glico-20% Face Mask


A Gel Face (Peeling) Mask with 20% Glycolic Acid. Renews the skin with a visible rejuvenating effect: a unique combination of selected active ingredients leaves the skin bright and vital. Reduces the depth of wrinkles.
As time passes, the skin undergoes deep changes due to the attacks of external agents: the dermis becomes thinner and develops wrinkles and Micro BioCellulaire-wrinkles, and skin becomes dull with a rough surface. The new GlicoMask 20 of the Micro BioCellulairecellulaire line contains a unique combination of selected active ingredients that renews skin with a rejuvenating effect, leaving it bright and vital.
GlicoMask20 contains a high percentage (20%) of Glycolic Acid, working to smooth the skin by remoings dead cells from the surfaec layer. Eliminating a dull complexion, reduces wrinkles and leaves the skin looking brighter and younger, thanks to the newly exposed living skin. GlicoMask20 has a particularly consistent gel texture and can be applied when required in the desired quantity. When the gel dries, after 15 minutes, it forms a compact film on the skin which can easily be pulled off.
The Algae Antarctica Macrocystis pyrifera in synergy with Glycolic Acid improves collagen and elastin so the skin will not only be purified and bright but also more toned and elastic.

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Glycolic Acid Mask, Face Peel

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