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Rapid Action FIR Cellulite Seaweed Mud 500g



Guam Rapid Action FIR Seaweed Mud is a new more intense rapidly working formula based on Guams classic bestselling traditional seaweed mud. Taking affect in just 15mins, this is suitable for those with fast paced lifestyle that want the beenfits of the Guam seaweed mud but need it fast. Be ready though, the sensations are positively intense in invigorating the body and making you feel awake and alert.
The active ingredients work producing an intense body heat and the longer left on the greater the intensity creating strong energising senstions to the entire area where it is applied. Heat generated indicates the activity of the lipolytic anti-cellulite treatment and retained fluid being drained.
This product contains the anti-cellulite active ingredients of Guam Seaweed Mud and pure Micronised Tourmaline mineral absorbs the heat energy within the body re-emitting it as Far Infrared Rays (FIR), penetrating deep into to the skin tissue.

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