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Duo Cooling Bandages - Reduces Swelling and Heaviness 200ml

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Suitable for heavy legs, poor circulation and Rheumatism.

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Suitable for heavy legs, poor circulation and Rheumatism.

GUAM Algae Cooling bandages. Easy to use, no mess!

GUAM Cooling bandages are specifically designed for heavy and swollen legs. In just 30 minutes, they will INCREASE THE CIRCULATION and REDUCE ANY SWELLING, leaving the legs feeling light and refreshed. The bandages are soaked in the GUAM Seaweed Formula.

Method of Use: Always wrap from the ankle upwards, use the clips provided to secure the bandages. Leave on for at least 15 or more minutes until solution is absorbed then remove. Roll up and place back in pot, top up with solution ready for the next treatment. Two applications per week are recommended for the first month, then once a week or as necessary to keep heaviness and swelling at bay.

One pot contains two 4.5m x 10cm REUSABLE bandages soaked in the GUAM Seaweed Formula and ready to use. GUAM Liquid Solution refill is also available separately in this store.

This product contains: Carnitine, Caffeine, Centalla and Menthol. Marine Spring water from Noirmoutier (Earth Marine Water) and Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs).